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The table below shows Pennsylvania Energy and UGI utilities natural gas residential monthly pricing for the past 24 months.

 Offer Month Pennsylvania Energy  Variable Plan - UGI Utilities territory  UGI Utilities Price
Apr 2024 0.479/Ccf $0.4137/Ccf
Mar 2024 0.499/Ccf $0.4137/Ccf
Feb 2024 0.599/Ccf $0.4533/Ccf
Jan 2024 0.699/Ccf $0.4533/Ccf
Dec 2023 0.759/Ccf $0.4533/Ccf
Nov 2023 0.759/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Oct 2023 0.759/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Sep 2023 0.759/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Aug 2023 0.759/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Jul 2023 0.739/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Jun 2023 0.739/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
May 2023 0.739/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Apr 2023 0.759/Ccf $0.7761/Ccf
Mar 2023 0.899/Ccf $0.91155/Ccf
Feb 2023 0.859/Ccf $0.91155/Ccf
Jan 2023 0.999/Ccf $0.91155/Ccf
Dec 2022 0.999/Ccf $0.91155/Ccf
Nov 2022 1.199/Ccf $0.86063/Ccf
Oct 2022 1.199/Ccf $0.85979/Ccf
Sep 2022 1.159/Ccf $0.85979/Ccf
Aug 2022 0.989/Ccf $0.74851/Ccf
Jul 2022 0.999/Ccf $0.74851/Ccf
Jun 2022 $0.999/Ccf $0.74851/Ccf
May 2022 $0.999/Ccf $0.64789/Ccf

Variable prices may change or stay the same each month.  Price does not include NGDC costs to distribute natural gas to your home.  Historical pricing is not indicative of present or future pricing.