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Pennsylvania Energy is licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission ("PAPUC") to offer and supply natural gas services in Pennsylvania.  License number (A-2018-3005507; A-2020-3019284; A-2021-3024837).

Whether you’re choosing a natural gas supplier for the first time or switching from another gas supplier, we understand and are here to help.  Here are a couple of reasons to join the Pennsylvania Energy family:

  1. We provide options.
    Your local utility can only offer customers a variable plan.  A variable plan's price may change each month. If you would like a variable price plan, we offer one as well.  Most of our customers prefer a fixed plan which locks in your price for the duration of the contract.  Choose a fixed price with a fixed duration.  Find the plan that’s right for you.

  2. We care about our customers.
    Our exceptional customer service is at the ready. Call 1.866.425.6220 to speak with one of our experienced representatives.

    Great plans, great service - it's that simple, as it should be.